Taking Pub101 this fall has helped me start my blog. I would say that the beginning of creating a blog has made me super excited. The process of learning about different widgets and customizations had made it fun. When I first created my blog I was going to have it suited towards music and photography. However, as this fall is over, I’ve been focused on music and abandoned photography.

My blog never really had any views and activity going on. However, my intention was to have an audience that enjoyed music and like to be low-key. I found that having my design to be black and white has an impression of being laid back and chill.

As we’re talking about the value of my blog I would say that I’m not and do not want to monetize my blog. I wanted my blog to be a place where I escape to and share my interests to people who are interested in learning more about me. I find that music taste shows a lot about someone. I would find it super cool if I can reach out to my audience and learn more about their music taste and what songs they recommend. Especially when music is such a broad subject, there is an endless amount of discovery. I also want my blog to be a place where people would check it before they sleep just to enjoy some music before they go to sleep.

Since the beginning of the term, I honestly had no clue what publishing was about. Throughout this term, I’ve learned so much and had a better understanding of what the publishing industry is all about. Firstly, I remember the first question asked in this class was “is everyone a publisher?” I would think that a publisher would have to be a professional. Someone who has a license and knows what they’re doing. However, as of now, I think that anyone who posts something online or delivers their creation would be considered a publisher. Continue reading “ESSAY #2”


For my site, I have created the following community guidelines:

  • Be nice. Be respectful to the things I post.
  • Try not to leave rude comments.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact me through my social media.
  • When deciding to use my posts in any way, consult with me before.
  • Enjoy my content!

I like to have my guidelines to be simple and straight to the point. This helps because it does avoids confusion. I have implemented these guidelines on the sidebar on my homepage. I will be monitoring my site to see if these guidelines are being met.


Athena’s blog named Finding Balance has gotten my attention right as I visited. (Here’s the link to her blog:

First of all, I liked how Athena has her photos big and noticeable on her home page. Moreover, the five photos interchanges every couple of seconds. The menu on the top of the page is simple and clean. As well, I like the overall design. It is organized and easy to follow. Since Athena’s blog is about steps to being healthy and finding balance, I found that her blog gives that impression on the visitors. It gives me a relaxed and calm feel when I roamed around her blog. Especially, the blue title.

What I also liked is her headings. I found myself to be reading some of her posts because the headings has caught my attention. I think I can learn a few from her and fix my headings because they’re so bland. Continue reading “PEER REVIEW #3”


For my blog, I was thinking of focusing on more social media to promote. Since my blog is mostly about music, I would think attaching my link to my Soundcloud profile would be effective. Moreover, I would think that a subscription would be pretty interesting too. If people are interested to be updated to my posts, I can receive their email addresses. As well, I think I should connect to Twitter. Just because social media has such vast amounts of users, that there will be a chance to get a few readers onto my blog.


From my findings in Google Analytics, nothing really surprised me. The results given to me were what I imagined them to be. The people hopping onto my blog is fairly low. That’s because I haven’t really set up any tags or ways to get my blog more out there, and easy to find. However, I do think this huge aspect that I’m missing out on would change my online publication in concrete ways. Especially when I’m basically posting but no one is reading it. Therefore, I do need to get on top of trying to get my blog out there.



At the previous lecture, I was asked a question: Do you want to monetize your site? My answer would be no I do not want to. I feel like this blog that I created is a place for me to express the things I enjoy in life. A big part would be music. I don’t feel like having to make money off of that. Especially, when the music I share are from artists I support. Therefore, it just seems off to be making money off of artists who are also trying to promote their tracks and earn some money.